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Hi, I'm Carolyn F and I've been an avid reader since elementary school when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (also known as the 1970's). My favorite genres change every five to ten years so who knows what it is now.


Deadland's Harvest - Rachel Aukes

Okay, wow, what a horrible-good ending - emphasis on the horrible. I'm just sitting here stunned. I'm hoping that some of the people were hiding behind the building - that's all I have to say. Well, except UGH!!!


100 Days in Deadland - Rachel Aukes

Really enjoyable book - well as enjoyable as a zombie book can be. I usually don't like it when a book is full of inner dialogue but I felt this book was in need of a little of that. And I wish the military wouldn't have been so naive, especially when they'd been hearing about the militia doing stuff they shouldn't for a while. I don't think the military would have let things stand for as long as they had. Those are my only complaint. Cliffhanger ending. Can't wait to read the next book :)


Shadow Soldiers - Madelaine Montague

Kaitlyn O'Connor is still one of my favorite authors, but in saying that for some reason when she writes under her other pen names she's not as good. This book was like an O'Connor-lite. There wasn't much about the shifting and the guys got along really well for men that are fighting over (well maybe fighting over is too strong - maybe pouting would be better) the affections of one girl. Usual HEA (happy ever after) but sometimes I like those. 3 out of 5 stars.


Nemesis - Agatha Christie

Why is this book often noted as the least favorite Agatha Christie book? Except for Miss Marple talking about herself in the 3rd person "call me Nemesis" (which had my eyes rolling), the story itself was good. It's been so long since I reach it that I kept flip-flopping between two of the sisters as to who did it. Good book. Great narration.


Ghost Gifts - Laura Spinella

Nowadays, it's hard to find a book that will trump my favorite TV shows but this book did it. I kept thinking about it and would get this happy feeling when I sat down to read it. The subject is about an abused child and a murder mystery so for this book to make me happy to pick it up is a big deal. Fantastic book, I'm looking forward to reading the author's other books. 5 stars.


PS:  I think this should become a series.  


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The Woman in Cabin 10 - Helen Ruth Elizabeth Ware, Imogen Church

Firstly, am I the only one who sees a little similarity with The Girl on the Train? A woman who is drunk a lot although she keeps internalizing that she needs to stop, can't sleep, with a history of a mental break, who sees something happen and is accused of being paranoid and imagining things. It's slightly different but not by much.

The book was good but not great (at least to me) and here's the problems I had with it. Lo running around and around about this woman who she felt had died - no one believes her, she's being threatened - so instead of just shutting up and waiting until they're at dock to talk to the authorities she won't shut her trap and therefore makes herself a target. Secondly, who goes on a week's vacation - one week! - with their favorite Winnie the Pooh book from childhood. I know the author has plans for that book but it's ridiculous that a grown woman would take this on a week's vacation. And the ending, why? Why would she do that? That makes no sense.

So good but but not great. 3 out of 5 stars


The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay - Kelly Harms

This was a really sweet, quirky romance about a girl's whose life has fallen apart tries to finish one unfinished project and then finds a bunch of other problems that turn out good.

There's a scene in the book reminds me a little of the The Midnight Sun episode on Twilight Zone where the woman is painting snow when it's actually hot outside. The woman in the Twilight Zone was a little nuts but Lily is doing the same here - it's January in Wisconsin and she's painting a very hot summer scene.

Anyway, loved the book. I would recommend it.


The Hating Game: A Novel - Sally Thorne

This book took me a while to like - I hate when people play petty games with each other and that seemed to be all this was - hurt my feelings, play a game, hurt my feelings again, play a game. But then about halfway through they stopped playing games and told each other how they really felt. Really romantic and sweet. 4 out of 5 stars book.


An Ancient Peace: Peacekeeper #1 - Tanya Huff

Fantastic book. I'm so glad that Torin is taking her life in a slightly different direction and her friends are tagging along. This author really knows how to write sci-fi! 5 out of 5 stars


A Great Reckoning - Louise Penny


Fantastic book. I didn't figure out who the "bad" guy(s) are/were until the end of the book. A past emotional pain of Armand's comes to light and a village mystery is solved. Also we're kind of left hanging on what is next in Armand's life. Very good book. Very good series.


Running with the Pack - Mike Resnick, C. E. Murphy, Carrie Vaughn, Laura Anne Gilman, Lawrence Schimel, Susan Palwick, Jeffrey Ford, Maria V. Snyder, Peter Bell, Marie Brennan, Steve Duffy, Amanda Downum, Samantha Henderson, Jesse Bullington, Karen Everson, Ekaterina Sedia, Geoffrey Goodwin, Gen

Anthology. Average rating is 3.52 stars. There were a few I skipped because of violence against children, there were a few stinkers but quite a few good ones so worth the read.

1. Wild ride by Carrie Vaughn. A lonely man finds out he's got a horrible disease and discovers a way to get a cure. Then he has to either live the life that's expected or try to move on. Good story. 3-1/2 stars.

2. Side-Effects May Include by Steve Duffy. A guy breaks his wisdom tooth on a business trip to China and after reading an article in a scientific journal he tries to find the miracle cure. It doesn't end well. 2-1/2 stars.

3. Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes by Marie Brennan. Didn't read. No rating.

4. The Beautiful Gelreesh by Jeffrey Ford. Really strange story of a kind of counselor who fixes and then consumes his patients and the legend he creates. 2-1/2 stars.

5. Skin in the Game by Samantha Henderson. Bunco gone wrong with the adage "Cheaters never prosper" thrown in. 4 stars.

6. Blended by C.E. Murphy. This was a great short story! An orphan werewolf girl meets her family's killer and finds a companion. I wish there were more in this series. 5 stars.

7. Locked Doors by Stephanie Burgis. A little boy is left to take care of his dangerous father. Very good story, I wish it were longer. 5 stars.

8. Werelove by Laura Anne Gilman. Such a short but powerful story. I'm wondering how it ends. I a definitely going to check out more of this author's work. 5 stars.

9. In Sheep's Clothing by Molly Tanzer. Didn't read. No rating.

10. Royal Bloodlines by Mike Resnick. Okay -what I found wrong/strange with this story. 1) The country preacher reads/talks with a country accent but everyone in Hungary understands him? Are they speaking English? 2) This is supposed to be 1936 but the card game in the toilet has a pot of several thousand dollars - so first off the amount is way too large for 1936 and dollars? 3) The dog show in Hungary has a $10,000.00 prize (again dollars and the amount) and the wolf wins in the miniature poodle division? 4) The ending was kind of gross - well not kind of, it was gross. 2 stars.

11. The Dire Wolf by Genevieve Valentine. Sad story about a lone wolf and what she does and has to give up for her people. 3-1/2 stars.

12. Take Back the Night by Lawrence Schimel. Lesbian werewolves gone wild - literally. 3 stars.

13. Mongrel by Maria V. Snyder. A foster girl forced on the street finds a life with stray dogs, rescues one and starts a new, hopefully better. life. Very good story. 5 stars.

14. Deadfall by Karen Everson. A high school girl feels the power of her family against horrible bullies. Really good story. 5 stars.

15. Red Riding Hood's Child by N.K. Jemisin. A boy loses his innocence and finds not only a companion but revenge. Pretty good story. 4 stars.

16. Are You a Vampire or a Goblin? by Greoffrey H. Goodwin. Didn't read, no rating. Well, I take that back, I started it but it had dreams/nightmares of the main character eating a neighborhood kid. The other one I skipped had the same kind of story. I can't handle that even if it's fiction.

17. The Pack and the Pickup Artist by Mike Brotherton. A playa boy is smitten and then his whole life changes. The pick-up lines were a little ridiculous and pretentious bit it was still a pretty good story. 3 stars.

18. The Garden, the Moon, the Wall by Amanda Downum. The main character is I think a goblin not a werewolf. The only werewolves are the once she thinks she glimpses from the shadows and the ones to greet her and ask a price at the gate to the garden. Does she change into a werewolf?There are also ghosts thrown in that only she can see. I didn't get it. Maybe if I read a longer version of this story it would make more sense to me. 2-1/2 stars.

19. Blamed for Trying to Live by Jesse Bullington. A trying to be vegan boy wants to become a werewolf. Cute story. 3-1/2 stars.

20. The Barony at Rødal by Peter Bell. A father who loves to travel to gardens goes on a holiday with his daughter and might have come across Nazi shapeshifters. This story was strange. I could not get into it at all. 2-1/2 stars.

21. Inside Out by Erzebet Yellowboy. For a short story, this dragged a lot. Gretchen kept going back to the cabin, over and over and over and over. It was a little ridiculous. Not my favorite. 2-1/2 stars.

22. Gestella by Susan Palwick. A girl who ages as a dog finds a pedophile, then lover, then husband, then executioner. Really sad story. 3 stars.

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