The Grilling Season (Goldy Culinary Mysteries, Book 7) - Diane Mott Davidson


First off, if someone tries to car nap you or attacks you by your car, honk your frickin' horn!

Secondly, Goldy had been in an abusive relationship with her first husband where among other things he hit her thumb with a hammer. They now have a teenage son. As this story enfolds, his dad is accused of killing his girlfriend that he admits "mixing it up" with. Arch asks Goldy to help get the dad off. She tries but after the dad comes and beats Goldy up again, while she's standing there with a bleeding wrist and black eye, Arch tells her that he's going to leave because if she would have really been helping get the dad off, the dad wouldn't have come to the house angry and this wouldn't have happened. He tells her that he knows she deep down wants the dad to go to jail, but that's not fair. And then GOLDLY FEELS GUILTY!!!! Everytime Goldy turns around, Arch is saying he's going to live with his dad (who really doesn't want him). The narrator tries to portray him in a hurt soft spoken voice but really it should be narrated with a snotty sneer. After the black eye encounter, I would say, "Go ahead, live with your dad then. Just don't do anything to piss him off. If he 'mixes it up' with you, call me and I'll pick you up." What a selfish, uncaring kid! I know he still loves his dad and is not to blame, but when the evidence is all over his mom's body, how can he turn around and blame her? I think the author was totally off the mark with how she had this scene play out.

So the book went from 4 stars to 3 stars because of the TSTL moments with the car and the writer somehow thinking that she's portraying Arch sympathetically.