A Kiss Remembered - Sandra Brown

There was no way to redeem this book unless you changed the hero to a completely different man.  First of all he kisses his high school student.  Yes, you quit afterwards but pervy pervertson I would kick the holy crap out of you (or at least pay someone to do it).  Secondly, when they meet again 10 years later this is a time when professors are not supposed to date/have sex with students, which he doesn't think is pertinent to him or his libido.  And this is all after he had a scandal that made him resign from a Washington job, whether he did it or not is not at issue, he needs to watch his Ps and Qs for awhile. 

And then don't get me started on the heroine - okay, get me started.  What a frigid, straight laced for no good reason (religious beliefs okay but just because for her) idiot.  She fights and fights her feelings and when the hero tries to abide by her dictates she's pissed off at him throwing her books around the house. 

So actually they make a perfect couple - both sides of the spectrum which should compromise into a normal relationship - Not! 

I could not finish this book because I was yelling at the car speakers so much people were giving me looks.  Just pass the book by if you know what's good for you.