How Not to Look Fat - Danica Lo

I bought this book awhile ago and just had it sitting on my bookshelf since then.  Full of helpful hints on how to play up your assets instead of playing them down.  Since 45 it seems I try to see how many double chins I can make whenever I take a picture and this is when I'm down to a size 6 I still seem to have this goat.  She tells you to bring your tongue back to your soft palette which will tighten your chin and how to hold your head to minimize it.  I practiced in front of my daughter who thought I was nuts.  There's also a hint from a personal dresser about what to do with a boar brush.  I have one so I'm going to try it out.  My daughter doesn't so I'll not mention that part - sharing boar brushes for that purpose is gross!  She tells you which jeans to buy, where the pockets should be, etc.  Helpful hint after helpful hints.  I'm keeping this book for reference.  I would recommend this book.