Call of the Wolf - Madelaine Montague

3-1/2 stars.

Slightly better than the first book in the series. I didn't know the author could make a gang bang read as semi-appealing. Well, not semi-appealing really, more as not horrific. The romance between Abby (they still call her that even though they know her real name which takes me on a tangent of whether she'll go back to her real name now that everything has calmed down) and Seth was okay because I could not for the life of me find out what was so compelling that all four guys couldn't do without her after one smart-ass dinner while she's wearing a muu-muu. Maybe I should rethink muu-muus as a wardrobe choice, they do look comfortable. I kept thinking since she mentions that she hasn't been in touch with most of her family except her grandmother that maybe she was related to the girl from the first book. But nothing like that came about so never mind. I'm planning on reading the last book because I guess there are only 3. Hoping the 3rd one is even better :)