The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology -

Anthology.  This book started out really good and then slid to okay and then rose to become pretty good again.  I have to say the editor mostly chose really good stories.  The average star rating is 2.94 stars.

1.  What Maisie Knew by David Liss.  Gripping & gross story of what happened to one reanimate.  ****

2.  Copper by Stephen R. Bissette.  Different but I think just as good.  I don't know the back story of the zombies or how they're made.  But a sad story becomes a strangely uplifting story of revenge.  Really good.  ****

3.  In the Dust by Tim Lebbon.   This one is about quarantined people being the ones that end up surviving and turning to each other.  Very good.  *****

4.  Life Sentence by Kelley Armstrong.  A rich man with no scruples and an assistant who's had it.  Pretty good.  ***1/2

5.  Delice by Holly Newstein.  Voodoo and sweet revenge.  ***1/2

6.  The Wind Cries Mary by Brian Keene.  Can a ghost and a zombie make it work?  ***

7.  Family Business by Jonathan Maberry.  Even losing zombie family members is hard.  Good story.  ***1/2

8.  The Zombie Who Fell From the Sky by M.B. Homler. Didn't care much for this story.  **

9.  My Dolly by Derek Nikitas.  I did not understand this story at all. *

10.  Second Wind by Mike Carey.  A man who doesn't want to have a second death and a homeless woman.  Not my favorite.  **

11.  Closure, Ltd. by Max Brooks.  I loved [book:World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War|8908] but I have to say I didn't love this story.  **

12.  Among Us by Aimbee Bender.  What in the hell was that?!? *

13.  Ghost Trap by Rick Hautala.  A body is found chained to the ocean floore and they find out there's a reason for it.  ***

14.  The Storm Door by Tad Williams.  Dramatic story of demonish possession.  **

15.  Kids and Their Toys by James A. Moore.  A little like Lord of the Flies but worse.  ***

16.  Shooting Pool by Joe R. Lansdale.  Um, this story is not about zombies at all.  I guess technically it is about the "New Dead" but really belonged in another anthology.  The story itself was okay.  ***

17.  Weaponzied by David Wellington.  Soldiers made into zombies.  Good story.  ***1/2

18.  Twittering from the Circus of the Dead by Joe Hill. Disturbing, sad, scary story.  ****