Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris

Audiobook and I own the hardback.

3-1/2 stars. This was a pretty depressing book. At first it seems like everyone has turned their back on Sookie. But then she finds out she really has a lot of people that care for her and [ even though she and Eric aren't together, he helps her out. Later we find out he didn't really. This I hated because Eric did seem to care for Sookie and this made it feel all fake and easily forgotten on his part (hide spoiler)]. Didn't love that. Also, since this is the last book, Charlaine brought out it seems every person that had some kind of beef with Sookie and had them all work together to bring her down. That was a little much. I loved this series, I just didn't love this book and which the series could have ended on a higher note.