The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty

I thought that I had started reading a lot slower than I used to, even just a couple of years ago. Well I was wrong, it's not all me, it's the books. This book I read in one day - really one afternoon and it's not a small book.

Fantastic read. I started it thinking I only wanted to read a certain character's story and was a little irritated by other story lines that didn't seem as important. But boy, a secondary story line became even more interesting than the main story line. I started trying to guess what the husband's secret was - wrong! I wanted a person to stay with someone - wrong! I'm usually pretty good at this guessing what's coming next. The epilogue was a little strange with all these ways the story would have changed if a person had turned left instead of right because even those statements seemed to be second guessed. I felt it wasn't really necessary and the book could have ended fine without it.

I'm planning on reading more of this author's works. I would definitely recommend this book!