Affliction - Laurell K. Hamilton

I started this book and thought Anita is worse than a 4 year old. Someone will make a statement, she'll ask why, they'll explain, she'll ask why, they'll further explain, she'll ask why again. It's never ending. Reminds me of when I'd turn to my daughter and just say, "Because I said so that's why, so stop asking." Then she'd just smile and do something else. Pushing boundaries I guess. So, this was a turn off for me. Then there's the description of curly hair, how you don't comb or brush curly hair, how this person or that person has a certain type of curly hair. Enough with the curly hair! You're just filling pages Laurell!

So, I'm huffing and puffing and mumbling complaints when I started this book and then about a third of the way through it finally clicks over to good. The story is good, I like that Nicky is a main character in here. <spoiler>The wedding for everybody is a little strange but we'll see what happens</spoiler>. Micah holding Nathaniel's hand and labeling him took too much time but it wasn't over the top. So I actually enjoyed the book and am planning on keeping on reading this series.