Unbound -  Jennifer Ashley, Hanna Martine, Jean Johnson, Angela Knight

Anthology. This book was such a disappointment. 2 authors I usually like a lot, one is so-so, the 4th I've never read.

Enforcer by Angela Knight. I usually like her Time Hunter books but this one I just couldn't get into. The heroine can't be with the hero because of what a treasonous liar said about her and the hero doesn't think he's good enough for her. After about 50 pages nothing had changed so I stopped reading.

Perfect Mate by Jennifer Ashley. Nell is a bear shifter that kind of got on my nerves in the previous books so when I started reading this and found out it's about her and her likability doesn't change for me, I gave up after 10 pages.

The Hunter's Cabin by Jean Johnson. I was a little bored with this story and so I fast forwarded to see if it starts getting good. When Vielle says, "Your highness", I thought ugh and stopped reading.

No Surprise More Magical by Hanna Martine. I've never read this author. This the only story I finished. Another story about unrequited love and both the hero and heroine not saying what they feel. I'm really sick of that story line. (less