Step Ball Change - Jeanne Ray

When I picked up this audiobook I didn't notice the little circle that said "Read by the Author" until it was too late and so started this audiobook figuring I wasn't going to like it.  I loved it!  Jeanne Ray doesn't do different voices for each character but with the way the book is written and through I don't know what, I was able to tell who was who. 


It's about a middle aged, middle income family whose daughter is marrying into a wealthy family and are supposed to come up with half of the reception for 1000 people.  I couldn't handle that if it was just cake and punch for that many people, so I totally could sympathize with them.  In the midst of this the wife's sister husband has  left her and their house's foundation is falling apart. 


This book is really a feel good book and I ended the audiobook with a smile on my face.  Just lovely.  I would recommend this book/audiobook.