Jagannath: Stories - Karin Tidbeck

What a freaky book. Some of the stories were too short, more like ideas she had and didn't develop. I'm not sure if it's just me, because this book has such a high rating, but I didn't really enjoy it. 2.84 stars is the average. 

1. Beatrice - Love with inanimate objects, but then they aren't really. ***

2. Some Letters of Ove Lindstrom - A girl who has been abandoned by her mother and then in spirit by her dad trying to make some sense of everything. ***

3. Miss Nyberg & I - Roommates and something that sprouts up. ***

4. Rebecka - Seems to be during the Millennium when Christ walks the Earth. Friendship gone wrong. One of the better stories. **** 

5. Herr Cederberg - A man's attempt at flying. **

6. Who is Arvid Pekon? Operators with something extra. ***

7. Brita's Holiday Vacation - Freaky relatives. As I'm reading this, I'm wondering where in the hell this author's stories come from. Very strange. ***

8. Reindeer Mountain - Destiny for one sister and not the other. ***1/2

9. Cloudberry Jam - Making a baby out of a carrot and period? It's like I'm on drugs or maybe the author was. **

10. Pyret - Folklore history? **

11. Augusta Prima - It's better not knowing? ***

12. Aunts - The fat aunts from the previous story. **1/2

13. Jagannath - Spiders in the future? ***

Afterword - This is the author's explanation of the difficulty of writing in English and Swedish. Maybe that's my problem.