Thrift Shop from Hell!

Ok.  I went to the thrift shop after work and not in my usual lavender sweatsuit with the kitten playing with a ball of yarn puff paint applique but (this is all true) in my black pointed toe leather boots with black tights and a black dress with leather accents and a salmon colored Ann Taylor sweater.  I'm waiting for Julia to try stuff on and singing along to a Rolling Stones song - not loud I don't want to scare people.  We go to pay for the items and the 18ish clerk asks if I want to use my senior discount.  I'm thinking it must be like Ross - 55 or maybe even younger (crossing my fingers).  I asked "What's the age for a senior discount?"  She says 60.  Um 60!!!!!!!!!!!  I should have changed into my lavender sweat suit with my white sneakers!!!