Dreamweaver's Dilemma - Lois McMaster Bujold, Suford Lewis

I love the preface. It's written by her friend Lillian Stewart Carl and is all about Lois' early years - writing, friends, TV. Well worth the read.

I didn't read the essays, only the short stories and have reviewed them. The average is 3.5 stars. Better than I thought it would be.

1. The Adventure of the Lady of the Embankment. This author did a great job of writing in Arthur Conan Doyle's voice. The story was good too. ****

2. Barter - Harried housewife gets a quick fix. Cute story. ***

3. Garage Sale. Someone had a shitty neighbor I see. **1/2

4. The Hole Truth. One man's trash is another man's trash. **1/2

5. Dreamweaver's Dilemma. Interesting story about VR in the future and it may do. ***1/2

6. Mountains of Mourning. I read this before. Sad story about ignorance and prejudice. ****