My Despicable Ex (The Ashly Roberts Saga) (Volume 1) - Sierra Rose

If this were a regular book, I'd throw it across the room.  The premise of the book sounded great, but then after dumping his young girlfriend at their wedding, telling her to not call him again, he wonders why she's bitter.  This girl doesn't just sit him down and tell him, "Look, you humiliated me, broke my heart, didn't give me any warning, told me to not call you while I cried for years wondering why and you wonder why I'm bitter?"  Nope, she just yells that he's a jackass.  I was tired of them both but I kept reading.  The traveling with pictures idea I didn't get but I still kept on reading because I was almost done.  But nope!  The author leaves this is only half of the book with a huge cliffhanger and "To Be Continued...".  If I bought this, I'm asking for a refund from Amazon, which will be the first time I've ever done this.  If it was free it was a waste of my time.