Hunting Julian - Jacquelyn Frank Okay this book was stinky. I didn't like Asia much at all. She whined and complained the whole book. Even though Julian tried to let her know he had no choice but to kidnap her and that she was saving people, even after they had sex and she saw all these peopled healed she just let them sick all over again because she didn't wanted people to tell her what to do. Is she like 13? And then the sex healing thing, totally absurd and I'm willing to believe almost anything with the PNR books. If she has an orgasm, hers are so strong that the energy feeds everyone on the plane of existence. What? They've brought human women over before but her orgasms are so strong that people become solid again? Even the villains - why exactly were they so angry? I really couldn't figure that one out. I liked Julian, I couldn't stand Asia. By the end of the book I felt so sorry for Julian. He had apologize for expecting her to want to save his people when everyone knows she doesn't like people telling her what to do and why couldn't Julian remember that when he watched people dying in the hospital. So he apologized and she accepted his apology. Give me a break. I liked Frank's other books but this one was pretty bad.