Drums of Autumn - Diana Gabaldon Finally finished listening to this book. I started with the library copy of the audiobook which not only was in terrible shape but I couldn't even get close to finishing unless I listened to it all day because there was someone else wanting this before I was halfway through the first half of the first half. Then I kept waiting for a cheap cassette copy from Ebay or Amazon and finally found it. Now I've finished this audiobook. Listening to this will make the 3rd time I've been through the book and I love it. Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author and I love how this book goes into the normal life Jamie and Claire live after reuniting. They weren't able to do this because of the war and the way their lives were before and then the long separation. It was just so nice to see them just enjoying each other. Loved the reunion scene with Jamie and Bree. Hated the scene with Jamie and Roger - poor Roger, he's been through so much to stay with Bree. The scene was great reading but I just hated all the unsaid things that had made this happen. Now I'm searching for a cheap copy of Fiery Cross but also waiting for the audiobook from the library, so whichever comes first. Would recommend this series to anyone who loves historical fiction that heavy on the romance.