Can't Get Enough - Shelly Laurenston I'll review the stories as I go:

1. Can't Get Enough by Shelly Laurentson (Dragon Kin #2.5). Remember the short story at the end of Dragon Actually? Well, this is the story about Bercelak's mom and dad, Ailean and Shalin. Ailean runs into Shalin who he met years earlier and tries to help her after a jealous princess sells her to the Northern Dragons. They fall in love and there's a very cute ending about when Bercelak was born. Very good story.

2. Spellbound by Cynthia Eden. Serena summons Luis to help her with a warlock who is binding and then killing people in her coven. For him, it's love at first sight. She's a little afraid of him because he's the paranormal cop who gets rid of the supernatural bad guys. I think this is the first story I've read by Cynthia Eden and it was pretty good.

3. Turn Me On by Noelle Mack. Beth is looking for a job and goes on an interview with Justin Watts (who's actually made of light not electricity - and I hate the name - reminds me of the 1960's electricity character I think named "Kilo Watts" or something like that. They have sex, he lights up, she freaks out and keeps freaking out and he just keeps hanging in there but she so doesn't seem worth it to me. Sun spots make him go a little crazy and when he does, she starts complaining (again) about him not being a real man. Did I mention they only had sex the one time and she wouldn't let him near her again because she didn't know what would happen? I really, really did not like Beth. The ending was stupid, with a stupid joke and a "why did she change her mind" ending. This is the first time I've read Noelle Mack and I didn't really care for this story at all.

I'm giving the book a 3.5 star rating for the 1st story which is a 4 star and the 2nd story which is 3 star, so I'm averaging to 3.5 stars.