Naughty Bits - Megan Hart, Jenesi Ash, Jina Bacarr, Eden Bradley, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Lacey Danes, Delilah Devlin, Grace D'Otare, Charlotte Featherstone, Alice Gaines, Sarah McCarty, Alison Paige, Cathleen Ross, Kimberly Kaye Terry, Tracy Wolff I'll review this as I go.

1. The Invitation by Lacy Danes. Hmmm, maybe it's me, okay it's me. But knife play and severe whipping are not erotic to me. This was a very short disturbing story.

2. Invite Me In by Delilah Devlin. The classic succubus/vampire story :) The succubus (I don't think there were any names in this story) floats around from mind to mind drawing sexual energy and ideas for her writing. One of the women in her building invites in a vampire and while she's hitching a ride during their encounter, he bites the neighbor and that freaks her out. He then comes to her balcony and asks her to invite him in. This actually ended up being a very sweet story.

3. Soul Strangers by Eden Bradley. Strangers meet on a beach. Super hot story.

4. Gilt and Midnight by Megan Hart. So-so fairy tale. It starts out with one couple and ends up with a different group of people. My mind wandered a lot while I read this one.

5. No Apologies by Tracy Wolff. Annalise is a good time girl who's been hurt in the past. Gabe is a man she can't stop thinking about. You know how it ends. Okay story.

6. Anything You Want by Jenesi Ash. A kept woman has 3 lovers. One is trying to kill another, but there's really no explanation and the ending was not satisfying. Maybe if this story was filled out more, I would have enjoyed it more.

7. The Queen's Tale by Grace D'Otare. Now this story I think I would have enjoyed more as the story within the story. A couple are in bed making up stories during a storm. The story they make up I liked a lot and really feel it would have been as the sole story itself. Enjoyed it.

8. Letting Go by Sarah McCarty. Husband and wife go off to a cabin to explore some fun that she wouldn't let him do before. Really good story.

9. Come Back to Me by Kimberly Kaye Terry. Couple separated for 10 years get back together. Sweet story.

10. Forever Yours by Charlotte Featherstone. This story was really good. Another older couple who've grown apart because of responsibilities and children and begin appreciating each other again. Loved this story.

11. Psychic Sex by Cathleen Ross. Personal trainer likes to have sex with strangers. That's about it. 2.5 stars for this story, maybe even a 2.

12. Dark Moon Gathering by Allison Paige. Mattie and Anthony grew up together. She's the alpha by default and needs to pick a mate by the Gathering. Anthony's from a very old fashioned pack and she's afraid he's like his dad. I thought this story was really good. I think this is the first time I've read this author.

13. Hot for It by Jodi Lynn Copeland. Carinna and Jack, 20 year friends, come together after the funeral of Carminna's dad. Lots of question marks at the end of this story. Felt incomplete.

14. Tokyo Rendezvous by Jina Bacarr. Two people meeting while working together in Japan and go to a Japanese love hotel. The author throws in a little historical background but overall this story was just okay.

15. The Well-Tutored Lover by Alice Gaines. Older woman teaches younger man about sex and they fall in love. Very contrived story.

Some of these stories were really good and others not so much. Overall though it's worth reading.