Hot Blood X (Hot Blood, #10) - Jeff Gelb Anthology of erotic horror. I'll review the stories as I go.

1. Three in the Side Pocket by Lawrence Block. Psycho killer meets prey at the bar. Short freaky story.

2. The Seductress by Ramsey Campbell. This one was pretty good. Going back to his mom's house, Betty finds out Alastair has been doing a little witchcraft with her and runs out of his house not letting him explain. Well, he kills himself and his mom blames her. Then some really, really way too disturbing stuff happens but you don't know until the end.

3. Appetite by Nancy Holder. This was very strange. Tabitha is newly out of prison after killing her husband and "wins" a free month at the gym. Blaine works at the gym. She tries to scam him into a meal and ends up going home with him. She has a really big this about red meat. He makes great steaks, she gives great blow jobs. What else does a relationship need. They make a deal for her to help him with his acting career and he'll keep making her steaks. At first I thought this was just another girl with low self esteem who shows everyone story, but as strange as the story is, it's pretty good.

4. Regeneration by Max and Barbara Collins. Joyce is forced into retirement. With no savings and unable to find a job because of her age, she's on the verge of committing suicide when she is offered a job with a complete makeover and new identity. She meets another man like her. Sad ending.

5. Strange Things by O'Neil De Noux. My favorite story so far. Short but really good. The heroine starts walking around town at night naked because her ex-husband said she was boring and she thought this would be fun. Well, one night she has a whole lot of fun, if you know what I mean. Very hot story.

6. Body Piercings by Ned by Marthayne Pelegrimas and Robert Randisi. Another super short short story. Bob walks into Ned's shop for a tongue piercing and then tells him how his 10 year high school reunion when wrong. I'm on the fence about this story.

7. The Sex files by Michael Garrett. Mitch and Johnny are amateur porn movie producers who hire unknowing hookers as their stars. Well one of them is a lot more than she seems. More gross than scary but maybe that's because I'm a girl.

8. The Cellophane Heart by Dawn Dunn. The heroine is invited by her best friend to a professional wresting match, Hulk Hogan ish. She's been dumped by her boyfriend after he used her for years and years. She gets entranced by "The Wolfman" and follows him to his hotel. All I can tell you is I felt really sorry for The Wolfman. I'm not sure how I felt about this story.

9. Invisible by Jeff Gelb. Parker starts to become invisible to young gorgeous girls, so he takes advantage of it. I might like this story more if I was a man. Not my cup of tea.

10. Olivia in the Graveyard with Pablo by Greg Kihn (yes that Greg Kihn). Kyle meets Olivia at a hotel when she's complaining about stolen luggage. They later talk in the bar and she says she is going to become a real vampire. Then the story is pretty much Kyle saying over and over and over again that vampires aren't real. Didn't really like any of the characters and the ending was ho-hum.

11. Empathy by Brian Hodge. Jane/Zoe meets Strauss through a personal ad. At their first meeting, he has her slit her pants and puts a butt plug in her. Then there are strange tattoos, bondage, needles, anal sex, with a WTF ending. The author then writes a really pretentious paragraph about how he came up with the idea. I probably would have enjoyed (can I even say I enjoyed this story?) more if the author didn't let us know how full of himself he is.

12. The Snake, the Satyr and the Snakehole by Stephen Gresham. This is a story of Esther, a civil war nurse, a pervert reverend and Sturgis, an amputee accused of rape. I liked the idea of the story, but the ending was lacking.

13. Memento Mori by Melanie Tem. Ann and Phillip just had a baby. She keeps envisioning everything dying - Phillip, the baby, roses in the backyard. And then she makes it happen. I didn't care for this story. Short and not very good.

14. To Whom it May Concern by Judith Tracy. A woman falls for a drop dead gorgeous doctor who is really sick in the head. Horrible ending. Not sure I liked this story.

15. Picnic at Lac Du Sang by Graham Masterton. Vincent goes to a bordello, meets Catherine who is about 5 months pregnant. He has sex with her and then wants to save her but doesn't realize there's a reason she can't be saved. This story was pretty goo.

16. Playing with Fire by Bentley Little. This starts out with Elise having a green vagina and I would say it gets weirder but that's pretty strange especially since he loves his green vaginas. I myself have never heard of one that didn't have a horrible infection, but maybe that's in my narrow slice of the world. Didn't like this story.

17. Fulfillment by Graham Watkins. Leah has some extreme fantasies about dying while having sex. So she's goes online and talks with Simon about it. They talk and he comes over to do the job, but she has a few secrets he didn't know about. Average story.