What Happens In Vegas... - Anya Bast,  Lauren Dane,  Jodi Lynn Copeland,  Kit Tunstall Anthology - I'll review as I go.

Hot for You by Jodi Lynn Copeland. Carinna and Jack are old friends who hook up when her dad dies and then he fights his feelings and then she fights her feelings and then they finally give up and go for it. Very sweet, sexy story.

Stripped by Lauren Dane. Dahlia works at Nash's brother's burlesque show. Nash is instantly attracted to her but comes on to her the wrong way. They slowly get to know each other and fall in love even with their have and have-not differences. Loved this story.

Red-Handed by Kit Tunstall. Amy helps her cousin cheat at a casino, gets caught and has to repay the casino owner with sexual favors. A little far fetched, but anyway. She discovers she likes to be sub to his dom (while I'm going 'ouchy' as I read). Unsatisfying and unrealistic ending.

The Deal by Anya Bast. Best friends Cassidy and James try to move their friendship forward. She's been hurt so he's trying to take it slow. Lovely story.

3 out of the 4 stories were great, one was good. Would recommend this book.