Unleashing the Storm - Sydney Croft I've read a few of the reviews for this book and was afraid I wouldn't like it but I thought this was almost as good as the first. That being said, I never thought I'd feel so sorry for the guy getting to have sex all the time especially in a book where the author is trying to make the sex hot. Kira is some kind of animal whisperer that goes into heat one a year and MUST have sex every 4 hours for about six weeks or she'll die. Usually she lines up a few guys to help her out but this time all she has is Tom who is able to handle it although his "Tinky Winky" is getting awfully sore. Through all that, they make a connection.

Thrown into the story is Dev and Oz, lovers who are reunited, and the ongoing relationship problems between Creek and Annika.

I have book #3 and am looking forward to reading it. Would recommend the book/series.