Coming Undone - Lauren Dane 1 star - Ugh! This book was so blah! "He - I think you're sexy. She - No, I think you're sexy. He - I want to do you. She - I want to do you too." I could have written this book that's how bad it was! The pinnacle of badness is when this woman - who is over 30 years old - tells this man - who is almost 40 - "I love you like cupcakes." He - "Wow, that's a lot of love. And as a plus, you can lick me anytime." What the fu*k!!!! The story is just superfluous to the badness of the writing, so I won't even give you a cursory rundown.

Now as bad as I'm ranting about the book, I have really liked Lauren Dane's other books. She just has to keep the monkey away from the keyboard.