Primal Heat - Lora Leigh, Sherri L. King, Lorie O'Clare, Jaci Burton Anthology.

1. Moon Lust by Sherri L. King. Brianna's uncle dies and makes her promise to see Russia because he was never able to go back home. Well, she goes on a tour of an old growth forest, gets lost, falls and is rescued by a Russian werewolf. Now they have to see if she is able to handle who/what he is. Very sweet story.

2. Lunewulf: Pack Law by Lorie O'Clare. Sophie has 3 mates chosen for her including Nik who she has always had a crush on since High School. Nik mates with her first becoming her true mate and then helps her accept the other two.

3. Devlin Dynasty: Running Mate by Jaci Burton. Kelsey is a reporter at a political function trying to get an interview with Senator Jason Devlin. She sneeks onto his floor and he thinks she's there for a little "stress relief" but once it gets going, she doesn't stop it. He then finds out she's his mate and he has to tell her who/what he is.

4. Wolf Breeds: Wolfe's Hope by Lora Leigh. Short but really good. This story is about how Wolfe and Hope first met in a horrible situation when she was 17 and their strained reconnection 6 years later. I really like the Breed stories. ****

I liked all four stories which is pretty rare for an anthology. I would recommend this book.