Tucker's Claim - Sarah McCarty This was a good solid read, but there were so many scenes that had me wondering if she picked the wrong sort of heroine. This is supposed to be the wild west. Sally Mae is a Quaker widow, speaking with the thee's and thou's. She's known Tucker for awhile and been attracated to him. Okay that's fine. She finally does something about this attraction, this is still okay. But when she starts having sex with Tucker and he not only has anal sex on their first night together (stretching it but okay still) and then later pulls out a dildo to shove up her butt - not a butt plug but a dildo - and a jeweled vagina clamp for her to wear for several hours during the day because he said so, I'm like, "Okay, that's enough. This cannot be happening." Did I mention she was okay with all this and loving it with no coercion, not even the first time? And that she's a Quaker in I assume the 1800's? And she's only had sex with her husband before Tucker? I think the author really pushed it with the sex toys. If this was a more cosmopolitan place and this woman has been around or heard of this stuff before, maybe. I loved Sarah McCarty's Wild books, so I'm going to keep reading the other books from this Hell's 8 series and I'm hoping they're a little better.