All Through The Night - Suzanne Forster, Lori Foster, Thea Devine, Shannon McKenna Anthology - 4 stories. Overall I'm giving this book 3 stars even though the average would be 2.375 stars, but I'll be generous. The first story drove me crazy. The 2nd, I didn't like that she just fell on her back and spread her legs for an ex-husband who broke her heart, that's why I gave it such a low rating. The other 2 were better. So, I'll leave it up to you whether you'd be interested in this book.

1. Stranger in her Bed by Suzanne Forster. This was a pretty stalkerific story. The man Kerry used to work for and met only once sees her at videotaped meetings and gets a crush on her. Then after she sends a sexy e-mail to him after that first meeting his assistant finds it and threatens her with it, she quits after being humiliated. He then tries to hire her back, no go. He moves into an apartment above her garage and pretends he's someone else. He also pretends he's another guy at HR trying to hire her back and then he pretends he's a computer program, a sexual computer program, come to life and she can only free him by making him shudder. WTF! While she's trying to figure out if the computer guy was real, he as the neighbor made her feel like a nut. And when she finally finds out who he is, she thinks, "Wow he went through all that just to get to know me? I think I'll give him a chance and get angry later." Totally unrealistic. This guy is not good for you!!!!!! 1 star

2. No Mercy by Thea Devine. Regan's ex-husband shows up just as she's about to get a promotion and wants her back. For 7 years, no calls, no letters, nothing. And she does. 2 stars.

3. Satisfy Me by Lori Foster. Asia's moved to small town in Indiana to get away from her ex-husband and bad memories. She makes friends and they dare each other to make a move on the first guy that goes to their favorite department in a new porn shop. It's her boss who has been trying to get her attention. This story was cute, with the usual love at first sight but still a good story. I wonder if there's more about her two friends? 3 stars

4. Something Wild by Shannon McKenna. Now this one has Annie running away from an abusive boyfriend and flirting with this guy on his motorcycle. Well, they flirt over 800 miles and finally meet, and kiss, and you know what else. Another fall in love very quick story. But this had him super desperate for her to think of him more than a fling and even had a very sweet scene with him. 3.5 stars.