Sexy Beast - Kate Douglas, Vivi Anna, Noelle Mack Anthology. If your interested in erotic fiction, you'd probably enjoy this book.

1. Chanku Rising by Kate Douglas. This is Wolf 1.5. I had read Wolf 1 and this takes place right after that book ended. This is about Keisha wanting to finish her memorial garden in SF but Anton not wanting her to be alone because of some danger from a reporter. Keisha find out some stuff about her family.

2. Tiger, Tiger by Noelle Mack. I would have liked this more if it would have been about a straight tiger shifter, but he's actually some American climber who was changed by Tibetan monks into a white tiger so he wouldn't completely die. Stuff happens with really no explanation and the mural coming to life just seemed superfluous.

3. Night of the Jaguar by Vivi Anna. This was my favorite of the 3. Myra goes to the Amazon and on her first night she and her cousin are attacked by a jaguar shifter. Her cousin dies but she's changed, kind of like a werewolf bite. There's a good v. evil story.