Sexy Beast III - Kate Douglas, Morgan Hawke, Lacy Danes Anthology. Just an observation, Sexy Beast II and II are wearing the same skirt/loin cloth thing. With all that baby oil everywhere, I'm sure the thing is filthy. I would read this book just for the short story "Winter Kiss" by Morgan Hawke.

1. Chanku Journey by Kate Douglas. I am getting a little tired of all the winking in these stories. If I had a drinking game for everytime someone winked, even with this short story, I probably would have had about 20 shots. It got to the point where I stopped paying attention to what little story line there was and was waiting for the wink. **

2. Kiss of the Dragon by Lucy Danes. First time I read this author. The story was sometimes good but most of the time not. Chester (what an awful name for a supposedly sexy man let alone a sexy dragon!) meets Nora when he breaks into her work to find a device that can identity "others". And then the party starts! PS Sweet cheeks is an awful term of endearment. **

3. Winter Kiss by Morgan Hawke. Another first time author for me. This was my favorite. Kasi is 11 years old when she meets the tiger shifter Yuki who is not much older than her. She promises to marry him and 10 years later he takes her up on her promise. This was a very good story and I would have loved it as a full length novel. I will definitely be reading this author again. ****