Ghost Hunter  - Jayne Castle, Laural Merlington Audiobook. Previously read paperback.

I usually like Laural Merlington's narration, but in this one her huge mistake was making a couple sound like Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howell, III from Gilligan's Island. I stood there with my mouth open in shock. I don't know how the director/editor of the audiobook could have let her get away with it.

I'm giving this audiobook 3.5 stars for the story and all the rest of the narration which I thought was great. Elly breaks off her engagement with Cooper because she's not certain he wants to marry her because of her or because of her family. 6 months later, he thinks he'll find her ready to throw the towel in and go back home. Well, he doesn't. This story was cute, a little romantic. Normal Harmony book.