Until Forever - Johanna Lindsey Yuck! I just could not get into this book. Roseleen is so extremely stick-up-her-butt and she doesn't want to change. She's a virgin not from convictions (although she keeps mentioning them but they make so sense) but more I feel for the control. She has control over the relationship and the men have to do what she says or else.

She acquires a cursed sword that's attached to a Viking named Thorn. The first time he's summoned he tells her to release him. In fact he tells her about 3 times. She wants to learn from him, but when he makes the moves she literally tells him that is rape and she'll call the authorities and then jumps him in the car because he's nervous. Then she tells him again it's against the law for him to not take a no for a no. All he has to do is curl his finger and tell her get over here and she's in bed. Why would Thorn be attracted to a waspish, complaining, know-it-all woman, I have no idea.

***More spoilerish than above***

Then when he's told her he loves her and wants to stay with her for the rest of his natural life, she wants her life to go back to normal, tells him she's not in love with him and releases him from the curse. So cold! Odin somehow convinces Thorn that she did this because she loved it and didn't think he'd like living in her time but that's not what she said. The ending was strange.