Huntress - Christine Warren, Marjorie M. Liu, Caitlin Kittredge, Jenna Maclaine Anthology. Loved Marjorie Liu's story, wish it were a novel. And Christine Warren's story was pretty good. The other two were either so-so or awful.

1. Devil's Bargain by Christine Warren. Lilli is a bounty hunter that owes a demon prince 3 favors. She's down to her last one which is to find a book that was stolen from him and then they're even. Well, she meets the nephew of the guy who stole it and finds out it's not as easy as it appeared. Good story. ***-1/2

2. The Robber Bride by Marjorie Liu. This story I liked a lot. Post-apocalyptic. Maggie lives is a dump where she recycles things. She's visited by a freaky motorcyclist, an old time friend with a pet crow. (Interested yet?) Everyone is more than they appear and I loved the ending. Would have loved this as a full length novel. ****-1/2

3. Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go by Caitlin Kittredge. Ugh! Not a good story. I couldn't stand the Jack or Ava or Nina. It was hard to keep track of the lies and what the bad people were. I couldn't wait until this story ended. *

4. Sin Slayer by Jenna MacLaine. Cin is a witch/vampire who is called back to London to help catch Jack the Ripper who happens to be a demon. So-so story. **-1/2