Provocative in Pearls - Madeline Hunter This book would have a higher rating if the heroine wasn't so completely stupid for at least half of the book. She ran away directly after becoming married because her aunt and uncle had coerced into the marriage with the promise of protecting her old family friends and then informing her after the ceremony that they lied. So, what does that have to do with the groom? She doesn't give him a chance to prove whether he's a villain or not. She escapes for 2 years until she reaches majority but doesn't seem to get that she's married still. When her husband finally finds her, she's horrible to him. She's mean and cold and he keeps trying to prove to her that she doesn't need to fear him not knowing why she's acting this way. Like I said, it takes her about half the book to realize he's not the one she needs to be angry with. The ending was sweet, but the torture was too much.