Highlander Ever After - Jennifer Ashley Hmmm, this book did not catch my interest until about 4/5 of the book. I kept thinking what is wrong with Egan. Zarabeth has loved him since she found him on the side of the road when she was 12. When she met up with him at 17, she tried to attract his attention but he didn't want to ruin her or his relationship with her father so he left before anything hinky happened. Then she marries a horrible man and leaves him after 5 years because he's trying to kill her cousin. They send her to stay with Egan in Scotland. Egan's very attracted to her but won't do anything because of promises he made to her father and because she's still technically married (divorces are easier to come by where she's from). She tries letting him know how she feels, he pushes her away unwillingly, she interprets this as him still thinking she's a child.

Throw in some assassins, magic, werewolves and a couple of kidnappings and this should have been an exciting book. It wasn't until right toward the end. Even with her divorce final, Egan let Zarabeth know that he likes her a lot. And then she keeps saying things like I don't want a husband just a lover when she really wants more. Frustrating. I'm giving this story a lower rating just for the frustration factor.