I Thirst for You - Susan Sizemore I liked this book up until the heroine told the hero, "You complete me." Give me a fricking break, that has to be one of the sappiest sayings ever! Note to future authors: Never say "you complete me", or if your book is medieval, don't use "saucy wench". I swear the next Scottish or Irish book I read that starts out with "saucy wench", I'm starting a drinking game and am going to do a shot for every time it's said. I plan to be thoroughly drunk by page 100.

Okay, beyond what I just wrote, I loved the beginning, started out with lots of danger and just jumped in with both feet. Then the last 1/5 of the book was horribly sappy and I started wishing the book would just end. That's why I gave it a 3. I'd like to read more the series, but I'm going to wait until I order the next from the library. It wasn't good enough to put in front of other series that I like.