Enforcer - Lauren Dane Hmm, I liked it and that's about it. As the first book there is so many back stories that are talked about I kept thinking that I was mistaken that this was the first book.

Nina's brother is wanted by both the good and bad guys and she's doesn't know which is which. She meets Lex when he comes banging on her door demanding to know where her brother is. She shoves a shotgun at his balls, slams the door and flips him off through the window. Lex loves it. Nina is sassy and there are way too many Mc_____ references throughout the book. Once or twice would have been okay but I'm estimating at least 15 to 20 were in the book.

I have the other books in the series as e-books, which I'm putting at the bottom of my list to read because my Sony player isn't working right and I have too many real life books stacked in my room.