Scoundrel - Zoe Archer I have no idea why this book took me so long to finish. I would read a little and then think, "I should check my e-mails." Then read some more and then think, "I should clean the bathroom." I thought it would grab me the way Warrior had but it didn't.

This book had Bennett Day, from book #1, meeting his arch enemies' daughter in a marketplace. London is on her first trip outside of England after her mourning period is done. She thinks it's a vacation, but finds out that her father is not as nice as she thought he was and that Bennett is the one who killed her husband. Now she's in a quandary, go with the man who killed her husband or stay with her father even though he's out to conquer the world for England? I was going to automatically order the next book from the library but I'm going to wait awhile.