Wild - Maya Banks 2 stories in one book. Actually pretty good.

1. Sheriff Duncan keeps hearing about people seeing lions, tigers, cheetahs all his jurisdiction. He goes to check it out, finds poachers and then finds an injured cheetah. She's actually a shapeshifter and freaks him out at first. Eventually he finds out how she got there and they try to stop other animals from being killed.

2. Kaya has been living in the mountains for awhile after being caught and escaping from her home as a child. She's been watching these two men who come and go from a cabin near her. She's also a shapeshifter mountain lion, who is lonely. She meets the men both as the mountain lion and her human self.

I was a little worried that this might be erotica that's constant sex scenes but little story. I didn't need to worry. The author did a great job with the stories.