Go Fetch! - Shelly Laurenston I love Shelly Laurenston's books. They are so funny and sexy and I can't wait until I read the next one. I had to put a hiatus on Shelly's books just because I wanted to read the whole series in a row and because I had so many library books due, it was hard to read books I owned. Well, I'm making a list of books to get from the library after I read my own books for a couple of months to try and whittle down my stacks. Shelly's books I'm keeping though.

This one is about Sara's friend Miki and Conall, who would not stop staring at her in Pack Challenge. I wasn't sure how I felt about Miki, with her smart mouth. But when I read a particularly swear word laden paragraph to my husband, he told me it sounded like me. What!?! I have as #2 right below #1 of lose weight my annual New Years resolution to cut down on the swearing. Same ones year after year. Maybe I should change them to I will swear more and I will gain weight and exercise less. Then I'd be ahead of the game.

Anyway, love the books, love the language, love the men. Great series.