Blue Diablo - Ann Aguirre Hmmm, I loved Ann Aguirre's Sirantha Jax series so I came to this book thinking I'd love it too. My expectations were too high. The book is good but not as good. I'm planning on reading the rest of the series, but mostly because I want to see what happens between Corine and Chance.

Corine ran away from a relationship with Chance when it felt like he didn't care how much she was hurt in using her gift and never really opened up to her during their time together. In fact, when he finds her and she goes to help her he asks her to dance which he never let her know he could do. He won't tell her his real name. When they're intimate, he's staring off at something keeping himself apart from her and she feels like he's going through the steps needed for a sexual encounter. Start here, then do this, etc. She leaves because she thinks they're not good for each other. When he finds her, he doesn't really understand what went wrong but slowly through her helping him, he starts to see. With my description I thought I would love this book, but I liked it. Hopefully book #2 is better.