Manaconda - Sherri L. King, Lora Leigh, Jaid Black This cover is probably my top 5 of worst cover. In fact, it's one of the worst titles I've ever seen. I couldn't resist! Average is 3 stars. Worth buying (and hiding) for the 2nd and 3rd stories.

1. Sacred Eden by Sherri L. King. This story was pretty awful. I could care less about the characters who were so full of themselves, I was getting a little sick to my stomach. **

2. Knight Stalker by Lora Leigh. This story was pretty good. Bliss catches Caden feeding off someone and thinks he's a vampire. Actually he a symbiotic host, looking for somewhere to off load an extra passenger. The sex scenes were pretty hot. ***

3. Devilish Dot by Jaid Black. This was my favorite. I loved Dot who was pretty funny. The sex scenes were very imaginative. ****