Midnight Treat: Ellora's Cave - Sally Painter, Shelley Munro, Margaret L. Carter Anthology. Averaging the stars, this book rates as 2 stars.

1. To Kiss a Gargoyle by Sally Painter. An okay story. I've read other short gargoyle stories and liked the tortured hero aspect. This was strange. The woman literally dry humps a gargoyle statue on a building's ledge having pulled off her pantyhose and panties, and then finds out all she had to do was kiss him. **

2. Tall, Dark & Deadly by Margaret L. Carter. Eloise has written an adult book named "Varney the Vampire". That's right an adult book named "Varney the Vampire" that 800 pages long that she wants to adapt to a movie screenplay with the help of an actor "pretending" he's a vampire. This story was pretty awful. Trying to be melodramatic but failing, trying for emotional but failing. I didn't care for any of the characters and the dramatic scene at the cliff's edge wasn't dramatic at all. Actually it ended up pretty heartless. Yuck! *

3. Curse of Brandon Lupinus by Shelly Munro. This story was the best but the ending was WTF! I would have given it 4 stars if not for the ending. Jess buys a haunted house, meets the ghost Brandon and then has an unhappy/kind-of ending. ***