Armageddon - Kaitlyn O'Connor I'm jumping all over this author's series, reading the books as I get them. This books takes place way before The Portal and I think even before The Ninth Orb. It may be very close to before When Dawn Breaks I think.

I've read something around 6 of her books already and I am so impressed with her writing. Each book is so different. This one is very dark and a little heart breaking when Lena's "father" is substituted for a clone. She comes home and finds one waiting to replace her. Now she has to prove she's the original Lena and no one believes her. She's trying to be strong but a horrible early childhood that she's tried to forget comes roaring back when she feels like there's nowhere to run or hide. Dax is her "father's" real son who tries to fight his attraction to her by being especially cruel. I cried over one scene where she feels so much hurt and terror.

A lot of this author's books are erotica, but this one seemed just a normal futuristic/sci-fi romance. I would totally recommend this author's books. I've liked every single one.