Touching Ice - Laurann Dohner Meagan is a programmer on a sex bot station isolated from everyone. She see Ice as a customer through the security cameras and is attracted to her. When a spaceship crashes into the station, she seeks passage on Ice's ship. She pretends to be a sex bot because she knows that the cyborgs were supposed to have destroyed and they might kill her if she's human. She fools them for about 5 minutes. What I don't get is she's given a death sentence but aren't they kidnapping human women in the other books? Aren't other men looking for human women too? Couldn't he just have traded her and not killed her? He keeps telling her that he can't keep her because he'd get attached. And sorry, honey, but that means you're dead. Doesn't it come to his or his friends minds that there is option #2, trade her to someone else so she could live? I didn't really get that part of the book at all. ***