Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison I loved this book although when I grabbed it I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and it to start taking a downward spiral. When there were misunderstandings between the hero and heroine, were there long drawn out scenes where they hide what they're feeling and make it hard for the other person to know if they're doing something wrong or right? Nope, Pia would tell him straight out. Or she would really look at his face when he would have a strong reaction to something to find out why Dragos reacted a certain way. I loved it. And when there was a big reveal, did she keep it secret so he wouldn't be hurt if things took a dive? No, she told him straight away. This is what would happen to me. I blurt things out sometimes too quickly and easily. Great book, loved Dragos, loved Pia. Can't wait until the next book comes out and in fact have preordered the next two. I would recommend this book.