Alien Encounters - Ashley Ladd, Joy Nash, Jane Toombs, Dominique Tomas Anthology. 1.75 stars.

1. Stolen Brides by Ashley Ladd. This paragraph is the reason I stopped reading the story: " She trembled when Davek's gaze roamed boldly over her, and she remembered the sizzle of his touch on her womanly core with every fiber of her being. When his gaze darkened on her breasts, her nipples pebbled and her core tingled." WTF! No stars for you!

2. Dream Guardian by Joy Nash. Jewel meets Dar when he's playing Yoko Ono at 6am. He's an alien that needs a singer to sing him through a dream journey, and he's hoping she's it. Okay story. **

3. Some Assembly Required by Dominique Tomas. Rahzel lives in a tower alone hooking brain and somehow a computer program/soul centuries old named La'rus hooks up with her while she's connected and then manifests into a real man. I didn't understand this story at all. Super confusing. **

4. The Loveland Curse by Jane Toombs. This one had a shapeshifting woman looking for someone to "make her a woman" because none of the men at home want her. She meets up with this man in tan at Burning Man and leaves before she can change. He ends up being an alien that is actually the same as her after she shapeshifts. Huh? I liked this story the best out of the bunch but it wasn't strong enough to redeem this book.

I didn't keep the book.