Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid, #5) - Richelle Mead Georgina is finding that everyone seems to be out to get her and Jerome appears to know the reason why a lot of this is happening. She loses someone close to her but with all the stuff that happened during most of the book she really hasn't had any time to grieve. Sometimes I think Roman should be the one she ends up with but you really can't help who you're in love with so it's not bothering me as much as it did in the other books. I thought at first when the book went into a lot of flashbacks that it would get boring (I've read other books with the same amount of flashbacks and hated them), but actually it was nice to see a few of the reasons why Georgina has evolved into the person she is. I was listening to his on my MP3 player at Walmart on Sunday and going, "Oh no!" about 3 times. I didn't say it very loud but the man standing next to me at the cereal aisle gave me a look. I ignored it as usual. This series is fantastic.

Supposition spoiler
I think Seth is a reincarnated Kyriakos, especially with the ending. Did Kyriakos make a pact with the devil too? Was his contract violated? Also now that Seth freaked her out, I hope the first page of the next book isn't her saying, "When I told you I would be with you forever, that really meant 10 hours." The next book is out August 31 and I'm going to read it the day it comes in.