Best Women's Erotica 2010 - Rachel Kramer Bussel, Violet Blue, Alison Tyler, Amie M. Evans, Kristina Lloyd, Sommer Marsden, Emerald, K.D. Grace, Heidi Champa, Angela Caperton, Aimee Pearl, Anastasia Mavromatis, Lily Harlem, Kay Jaybee, Scarlett French, Louisa Harte, Loz McKeen, Carrie Cannon, Aimee H Anthology. Averages 3 stars. Some of the stories were really good, like Loz McKeen's, Carrie Cannon's, Allison Tyler's, Anastasia Mavromatis' and Lily Harlem's.

1. Shoe Shine at Liverpool Street Station by Scarlett French. Enjoyable story, woman gets a shoe shine that feels wonderful. ***

2. Prime Suspect by Louisa Harte. Hanky panky at the police station. Okay story. ***

3. Vegging by K.D. Grace. A girl gets nasty with her neighbors vegetables and then makes stuff out of them - yuck! When he catches her he sticks stuff up her holes, double yuck! Not my preference but the story itself wasn't horribly written. I'd give it * star for grossness but I'll give it *** for originality - kind of like the Olympics.

4. Fuck the Fantasy by Loz McKeen. A martial arts class that gets a little intense. Great story. *****

5. Timbre by Antela Caperton. A transcriptionist is sent CDs of some pretty hot scenes. ***

6. Straight Laced by Carrie Cannon. A lingerie salesman meets the cross-dresser of her dreams. Great story. ****

7. Amy by Heidi Champa. A Dom teases his abandoned sub. Okay story. ***

8. In a Handbasket by Alison Tyler. Super hot story about two friends who become more than. Loved it. *****

9. Thin Walls by Aimee Herman. A next door neighbor who's a little loud when he's pleasuring himself and makes a woman imagine who he is. Okay story. ***

10. Where the Rubber Meets the Road by Aimee Pearl. Quickies in San Francisco. ***

11. On My Knees in Barcelona by Kristina Lloyd. A woman has an encounter with two Spanish male prostitutes. Okay story. ***

12. Man About Town by Amie M. Evans. Confusing story to me. A man, pretends to be a Drag King, and has a lesbian girlfriend who breaks up with him because he's won't let her go down on him because he's really a man. After the breakup he meets a butch lesbian who makes him suck his/her cock which makes him think he may be gay. Huh? ***

13. Stripped by Anastasia Mavromatis. A new roommate finds out the other guys share everything. I wish the story were longer. ****

14. Stable Manners by Lily Harlem. A woman who gives horse riding lessons has an encounter with one of the fathers. Pretty hot story. ****

15. Equipment by Kay Jaybee. A couple who have quickies at lunch, exchange places. Good story. ***

16. Still Life by Sommer Marsden. Okay, is she a model or a manikin? I'm not for sure. ***

17. Secret Service by Rachel Kramer Bussel. A restaurant with a little something extra for the ladies. Okay story. ***

18. Shift Change by Emerald. Too much winking - who does that in real life! Well, old men do it. But young hot women, very strange. Apple geniuses have a little break in the alley with one of the customers. Okay story. ***