Last Sacrifice  - Richelle Mead, Emily Shaffer My spoiler complaints

First of all, I can't believe that Rose would humiliate herself over and over again with Dimitri. "You know you love me. Don't you remember that you said you love me? Why don't you love me?" All of this while she has a boyfriend that she supposedly loves.

Which leads to my second complaint, poor Adrian! She has this poor boy on a string for whenever Dimitri pulls his leave-me-alone with Rose. He truly loves/loved Rose and she would tell him she was done with Dimitri when the same afternoon she would ask Dimitri why he didn't love her anymore! That is kind of the definition of a two-timer.

My daughter is looking forward to the next book more than I am. I'm just sick about what happened with Adrian and so I'm glad it'll be a little while before I get to the next book, more time for me to calm down. The story was written well and even with the above frustrations, the book is worth reading.