Dark Legend - Christine Feehan Re-read, this time by audiobook. I also have the paperback.

I wish there was just this narrator Rebecca Cook on the books instead of Juanita Parker who did I think the first 3 books. Because as I'm writing this I'm listening to the next book in the series and Juanita makes the heroine's voices so irritating I end up disliking every single heroine that she's narrated. I had a Goodfriend ask whether it's the narration that is the reason I was disliking the books so much the 2nd time when I liked them the 1st time I read them and I told her no. Now, I've changed my mind.

So, to sum up Rebecca Cook is a much better narrator for this series than Juanita Parker.

Gabriel finally finds Francesca who has been his lifemate for 1000 years. She saw him from a distance and he just glanced her way and walked on by. She felt he dissed her and took off living away from all of her people. A little extreme to me, but that's just me. Now they're together and have adopted an abused teenager. They are also fighting his twin who may or may not be a vampire. Good book. Now I'm going to force myself to finish listening to the next book with the narrator I'm not liking as noted above. Poor me :(