Blood Trail  - Tanya Huff I was on the fence of who the bad guys were but I did have it narrowed down to two when their characters were introduced, so pat myself on the back. I like that the heroine isn't perfect. Towers over most men, including one of her love interests, and is slowly losing her sight.

This story was good and for having been published in 1992, is probably at the beginning of the werewolf/vampire craze. This book has both. A very small amount of romantic encounters. Most of the fade-to-black kind with lots of unrequited passion.

Vicki is asked by Henry to help some werewolf friends who are being assassinated or murdered, both words work. They can't figure out who is doing it and need her help. Henry thinks this is his chance to have some alone time with Vicki. For someone who professes that he wants a closer relationship, he sure pushes her away a lot. It's a good thing she has her ex-partner around. She's not a one-woman gal. I'm going to read the third book, but I'm going to put it at the end of my library request list. This series is good, but there are a lot of other books/series I like more.

3.5 stars.